BEAT 2019-2020: Projects and Video

BEAT: Branding and Entrepreneurship of Assistive Technology for Social Good

CSc 59866/59867 Capstone I/II (Section 1CD) Fall 2019 – Spring 2020The City College of New York



Videos of 8 Project Teams

1.  Undaunted

VR for ASD individuals to learn social norms (CREATE Winner)

2.  ParaShop

Assistive people with ASD in shopping  (IEEE MIT UTRC 2020 oral paper)

3.  Share & Care

Senior friendly app for fighting loneness (IEEE MIT UTRC 2020 oral paper)

4.  VPP

Voice Powered Player for people with mobility disability (Entering Zahn Competition)

5.  Worktual Reality

Overcoming social difficulties in conversation (CREATE Winner)

6. Bera

A practical employment analyst for people with Autism (CREATE Winner) (Entering Zahn Competition)

7.  GoodPlan

Interactive activity planning and recommendation for people with ASD (Goodwill Award)

8. ZoomIntoView

Training eye contract in interviews. (Entering Zahn Competition)