CCNY BEAT 2020-2021: Projects and Video

BEAT: Branding and Entrepreneurship of Assistive Technology for Social Good

CSc 59866/59867 Capstone I/II (Section 1CD) Fall 2020 – Spring 2021The City College of New York

Videos of 8 Project Teams

The Companion

Description: A mobile application that people with OCD can use to combat daily recurrent, intrusive thoughts (obsessions) or retentiveness. [Report | Video]
Team Members: Farshed Adib (Computer Science), Raihan Ashrafee (Computer Engineering), Rashidul Sumy (Computer Engineering)


Description: A mobile application to learn braille target for users with low vision that will eventually become blind. [Report | Video]
Team Members: Hyunmin Cho (Computer Science), Edgar Pineda (Computer Science)

Cherished Memory

Description: A mobile app designed to allow patients with Alzheimer’s disease have a database of important information to them and engage in memory games and quizzes based on that information. [Report | Video]
Team Members: Florence Fong (Computer Science), Hanssel Hinojosa (Computer Science), Chris Puntier (Computer Science)

Colorful World

Description: Colorful World is a project that is aiming at helping monochromatic color blind individuals identify the colors and the saturation of objects using the help of camera software. [Report | Video]
Team Members: Ibrahim Hassanain (Computer Science), Mena Matta (Computer Engineering), Eric Ngansop (Computer Engineering)

DTD Hero

Description: DTD Hero is a mobile app that helps people with DTD navigate inside their homes and other indoor spaces. [Report | Video]
Team Members: Mahin Khan (Computer Science), Wei-Cheng Lin (Computer Science), Sumaiya Mahin (Computer Science),Risa Morishima (Computer Science)

Notable Mentions: [Zahn Bux Award ] [GSOE Industry Day 2021 Presentation]


Description: PALM is an app to create a virtual platform for children with Down Syndrome, to play around with words, numbers, letters, and images, which will help them learn the daily expressions and fundamental math problems. [Report | Video]
Team Members: Zakia Mahabub (Computer Engineering), Fardin Sadman (Computer Engineering), Kamil Syed (Computer Engineering)

Notable Mentions: [Personal Gift from Dr. Xiaoyan Li ] [GSOE Industry Day 2021 Presentation]

Remember Me

Description: A mobile app designed to help those suffering from memory loss by retrieving a profile of a person whenever the user takes a photo of a that person and having a list of accessible profiles. [Report | Video]
Team Members: Ahmdullah Samady (Computer Engineering), Ekramul Sawrid (Computer Science)

Notable Mentions: [GSOE Industry Day 2021 Presentation]


Description: An app designed to make the field of data structures and algorithms easy to understand with a focus on people within the ASD spectrum. [Report | Video]
Team Members: Bryan Rivas (Computer Science), Shahzeb Rizvi (Computer Science), YanWing Tsui (Computer Science)

Notable Mentions: [Zahn Tech 1st Prize Winner ($25K) & Audience Choice Award]


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