CCNY BEAT+ 2022-2023: Projects and Video

BEAT+: Adding Branding and Entrepreneurship for Real-World  Applications Using Emerging Technologies: AI, AR/VR, AT, and Apps

Videos of 8 Project Teams

Team 1. BusSense

Description:  Bus Sense is an iOS mobile app that uses computer vision and AI to assist blind and visually-impaired (BVI) individuals navigate the MTA bus system. [Report | Video]
Team Members: 

  • Daniel Aguilar-Rodriguez (Computer Science)
  • Joshua Burdon (CpE)
  • Suhaima Islam (Computer Science)
  • Min Zheng (Computer Science)

Notable Mentions: [Using MTA API]  [Zahn Competition Invited]

Team 2. walkIT

Description:  walkIT is a flutter-based application that helps people become more independent by helping them explore their neighborhoods with the help of verbal navigation. Users will have the ability to set goals and increase the distance as they get more comfortable. The app will also have an emergency button that will send the user’s location to their emergency contact if necessary. [Report | Video]
Team Members: 

  • Jeevan Bastola (Computer Science)
  • Dawa Sherpa (Computer Science)

Notable Mentions: [CREATE Grant]  [Zahn Competition Invited]

Team 3. SafeMap

Description:  SafeMap will be used to help ASD users tackle the difficulties that arise during travel while maintaining their independence. [Report | Video]
Team Members: 

  • Ashley Diaz (Computer Science)
  • Rishika Lama Tamang (Computer Science)
  • Ruhi Rownak (Computer Science)
  • Solomon Zhang (Computer Science)

Notable Mentions: [Partnership with Goodwill]

Team 4. SiGHT

Description: SiGHT is an iPhone application that uses the recent addition of the LiDAR sensor to capture data from the surroundings. This data is then used to give haptic feedback back to the low-vision user for the most optimal path to walk through a case on the phone that pairs with the app. [Report | Video]
Team Members: 

  • Justin Jacob (Computer Science)
  • Jed Rendo Magracia (Computer Science)
  • Raynel Sanchez (Computer Science)

Notable Mentions: [CREATE Grant]  [Zahn Competition Invited] [Partnership with NeARabl]

Team 5. Nusketch

Description:  An image tracer application that allows anyone to snap a picture of anything and it will process it into a coloring page.[Report | Video]
Team Members: 

  • Hussam Marzooq (Computer Science)
  • Willie Shi (Computer Science)
  • Jessie Su (Computer Science)

Notable Mentions: [CREATE Grant]  [Zahn Competition Invited]

Team 6. Delicious Donations

Description:  Delicious Donations is a food donation system app in which restaurants can find suitable charities in their local areas to make donations of their daily excess food. Not only will this save quite a lot of food that would otherwise go to waste, but it will also benefit a lot of poor people. [Report | Video]
Team Members: 

  • Samia Omar (Computer Engineering)
  • Ishmael Quansah (Computer Engineering)
  • John Yauri (Computer Engineering)

Notable Mentions: [Homepage Live!]

Team 7. MAC-U-Vision

Description:  App for progressive training for AMD patients. Our solution would help these individuals adjust to their new lifestyles and relearn how to do daily activities without having AMD become a blockade for them. [Report | Video]
Team Members: 

  • Max Sehaumpai (Computer Science)
  • Alan Tepoxtecatl (Computer Science)
  • Crystal Yang (Computer Science)

Notable Mentions: [Partnership with Lighthouse Guild]

Team 8. Productify

Description:  A note taking and time management app that can be used and synced in every OS. Will include productivity tools such as Pomodoro Timer as well as a log of when certain notes were written. [Report | Video]
Team Members: 

  • Andy Zhou (Computer Engineering)
  • Benjamin Trinh (Computer Engineering)
  • Diego Perez (Computer Science)



Technical Instructors:

  • Zhigang Zhu, Herbert G. Kayser Professor, Department of Computer Science

Branding and Entrepreneurial Instructors:

Community Partners: