LAMP: 3D Layered, Adaptive-resolution and Multi-perspective Panorama

Project Status:┬áComplete (Years: 1997 – 2001)

Research Description

The goal of this work is to construct a layered and panoramic representation of a large-scale 3D scene with occlusion from translating video sequences. We are actually solving four problems: 1) how to generate seamless panoramic view images (PVIs) and epipolar plane images (EPIs) from video under a more general motion than a pure translation; 2) how to analyze the huge amount of data in EPIs robustly and efficiently to obtain dense depth information; 3) how to enhance resolution and recover occlusions in a PVI representation; and 4) how to represent a large scale 3D scene with occlusions efficiently and compactly.


China National Science Foundation (Award No. 69805003), Evolution of Vision Algorithms for the Constructing of Layered Scene Models, 01/99-12/01, Principal Investigator (Z. Zhu).

China National High-Tech Project (863 Plan), Image-based VR Scene Modeling and Image Retrieval for Internet/Intranet, 7/1997-6/1998, Co-PI (Z. Zhu).


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