BEAT-2020 Assignment 5

BEAT: Branding and Entrepreneurship of Assistive Technology for Social Good

CSc 59866/59867 Capstone I/II Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

Feature Extraction ( Deadline: November 15 midnight)

Note: All the writings must be in soft copies (PDF format).  Please send your writing report (in PDF) to Prof. Zhu <> as an email attachment. You are responsible for the loss of your submission if you don’t include  “Capstone Fall 2020″ (exactly) in the subject of your email. 

1. (20 points) What are the two objectives of image enhancement? Please explain each to the best of your knowledge, using a few examples.

2. (20 points) What are the three basic spatial domain methods in image enhancement? Please give examples to each case.

3. (20 points) Write a small piece of pseudo-code for generating a histogram H[L] for an intensity image I[YDIM][XDIM], where L is the total level of intensities of the image, H is the histogram array,  XDIM * YDIM are the size of the image, and I[i][j] is the intensity value of the pixel at location (i,j), with i = 1, …, YDIM, and j = 1,…, XDIM. You might choose to use a certain program language that you are familiar with to write the code. You don’t have to compile the code.

4. (20 points) What are the three properties for edge elements? Please explain each of them, for their meanings and importance.

5. (20 points) Please describe typical steps for edge detection. Explain why each step is important, what are the possible issues, and how you might solve them.