BEAT-2021 Assignment 6

BEAT+: Adding Branding and Entrepreneurship for Real-World  Applications Using Emerging Technologies: AI, AR, AT, and Apps

CSc 59866/59867 Capstone I/II Fall 2021- Spring 2022

Stereo and Motion  ( Deadline: December 06 midnight)

Note: All the writings must be in soft copies (PDF format).  Please send your writing report (in PDF) to Prof. Zhu <> as an email attachment. You are responsible for the loss of your submission if you don’t include  “Capstone Fall 2021 Assignment 6″ (exactly) in the subject of your email.  Note each student please send in your own assignment report.

1.  (Stereo- 25 points ) Estimate the accuracy of  the simple stereo system (Figure 3 in the online lecture notes of stereo vision) assuming that the only source of noise is the localization of corresponding points in the two images. Discuss the dependence of the error in depth estimation as a function of disparity error, depth itself, the baseline width and the focal length, respectively.

Hint: Z = fB/d; Take the partial derivatives of Z with respect to d, B, f,  respectively.

2. (Motion- 25 points) Could you obtain 3D information of a scene by viewing the scene by a camera  rotating around its optical center? Show why or why not. What about moving the camera along its optical axis?

3. (25 points) Discussion the similarities (at least 2 ) and differences (at least 2) between stereo vision and visual motion .

4. (25 points) Give five examples where humans use stereo and motion, and Google another five examples that use machine vision algorithms of stereo and motion.