Capstone Proposal Presentation Suggestions

CSc 59866/7 Capstone I/II Fall 2021 -Spring 2022

BEAT+: Adding Branding and Entrepreneurship for Real-World  Applications Using Emerging Technologies: AI, AR, AT, and Apps

Professor Zhigang Zhu

The City College of New York

Here are my suggestions to align your proposal (& quad chart) with the ABT formula, with considerations of B.E.A.T.

  • In the Background section, you talk about the needs, existing technologies and solutions ( the “And” part). [10 pts]
  • In the Problem Statement section, you talk about what is the pain point and problem you have identified, and what you propose to do to address the problem (the “But” part). [10 pts]
  • In the Rationale section, you talk about why you think your solution will solve the problems, in terms of technical readiness, users acceptance, business model (cost and market), etc. (the Why question of the “Therefore” part). [10 pts]
  • And finally in the Design section, you talk about how you are going to do it, including technical tools, user studies, partnership, evaluation (the How question of the “Therefore” part).[10 pts]
  • Yes a quick Work Schedule (timeline from now to the end of Spring 2022). [10 pts]
  • You shall simplify your quad chart as a Summary slide, with bulletin points in each quad. [10 pts]

In doing the presentation, you shall consider the following four aspects of the B.E.A.T. practice:

  • Branding (including a logo, the use of colors and fonts in your presentation, and your overall communication effectiveness with the audience) [10 pts];
  • Entrepreneurship (the business canvas we put in the quad chart, like customers, cost, revenue, partners and value proposition, for research oriented projects, please address how you meet the need of your customers with the above components) [10 pts];
  • Real-world Applications (the needs, the problems, the societal and economical importance. Many teams will be for assistive applications, but others would be in a general sense for national priorities) [10 pts]; and
  • Technology Soundness (your solutions in terms of concrete, solid technical means, including platforms, tools, systems you will develop your project on [10 pts].