CCNY BEAT+ 2021-2022: Projects and Video

BEAT+: Adding Branding and Entrepreneurship for Real-World  Applications Using Emerging Technologies: AI, AR, AT, and Apps

Videos of 8 Project Teams

Schedule and Structure

Description: Schedule and Structure is a smart scheduling app designed for facilitating communication between ASD/ADHD users and their caretakers by helping them stay structured and maximizing their productivity. [Report | Video]
Team Members: Sk Ayon (Computer Engineering), Bethanie Charles (Computer Engineering), Kelly Dong (Computer Engineering)

Notable Mentions: [CREATE Grant] [CREATE Third Prize Winner]


Description: MEDtalk is a picture-based tool that allows for seamless communication between hospital patients with limited proficiency in English and their medical personnel. [Report | Video]
Team Members: Progga Chowdhury (Computer Engineering), Faez Farhad (Computer Engineering), Md Sakil Khan (Computer Engineering)

Notable Mentions: [Zahn Standard Chartered Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship Finalist]

Autism Bridge

Description: A professional network application that closely connects job seekers with ASD and potential employers by matching them with job positions and providing them with a customized virtual reality interview feature. [Report | Video]
Team MembersAi Hua Li ( Computer Science ), Billy Davila ( Computer Science ), Ziyi Huang ( Computer Science )

Notable Mentions: [Zahn Software 1st Prize Winner ($25K), Bux Prize & Audience Choice Award]  [CREATE Grant]


Description: An application which mimics the functionality of social medias such as facebook and snapchat ( broadcasting your life ); however the entire experience is carried out via voice. [Report | Video]
Team Members: Kczynzky Deleon (Computer Science), M Moshahid UI Kallol (Computer Science), Farah Sultana (Computer Science)

Rx Reminder

Description: An app designated for senior citizens to remind them to take their medicine along with information about their medicine, with the ability to connect them to their doctor or pharmacist if needed. [Report | Video]
Team Members: Nour Elabbasy (Computer Science), Nayma Labonna (Computer Science), Sanjida Nisha (Computer Science)

Notable Mentions: [Zahn Women+Tech Finalist and Bux Award ]


DescriptionAn app combining a scheduler and an AI chatbot that aims to improve the independence and social skills of adults with ASD (ages 18 to 40) by helping them become more structured in their personal and professional lives. [Report | Video]
Team MembersPaul A Fernandez (Computer Science), Valeryia Pilchuk (Computer Science), Anthony Yang (Computer Science)

Notable Mentions: [CREATE Grant]


DescriptionAn all-in-one mobile application that provides mentally stimulating games for Alzheimer’s patients to assist in their treatment, alongside a number of other integrated tools to help them manage their day-to-day lives. [Report | Video]
Team MembersMohfujul Mohammed (Computer Science), QianXing Ou (Computer Science), YiYang Wu (Computer Science)


DescriptionAn app designed and targeted towards individuals that have difficulty hearing or are completely deaf. Features include text to speech, and speech to text to American Sign Language (ASL). [Report | Video]
Team MembersAliaa Abdelrahman (Computer Science), Randy Castillo (Computer Science), Luigi Otoya (Computer Science)

Notable Mentions: [CREATE Grant] [CREATE Third Prize Winner]


Technical Instructors:

  • Zhigang Zhu, Herbert G. Kayser Professor, Department of Computer Science

Branding and Entrepreneurial Instructors:

  • Katherine Olives, Program Manager, Zahn Innovation Center
  • Kesia Hudson, Interim Director, Zahn Innovation Center
  • Steven Monzon, Program Manager, Zahn Innovation Center
  • Gerardo A Blumenkrantz, Associate Professor, Branding + Integrated Communications (BIC) Creative Track Director

Community Partners: