Research Projects

At the City College Visual Computing Lab we conduct research in the fields of 3D Computer Vision, Video Computing, Multimodal Sensing, and Perceptual Robotics. Our research has been sponsored by many funding agencies and organizations including: AFOSR, AFRL, ARO, Bentley, DARPA, DHS, NSF, ODNI, VentureWell (formerly NCIIA), NYSIA, CISDD, PSC-CUNY and CUNY Research Foundation.

Current Research Projects

AI4IA: Artificial Intelligence for Intelligence Analysis Colloquium Series [start 2021]

Smart and Accessible Transportation Hub [start: 2016]

Multimodal Collaborative Sensing and Identification Using Deep Learning for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Applications [start: 2014]

Course and Program: Assistive Technologies for the Blind [start: 2012]

EFRI-M3C: MAP4VIP: Man-Machine Co-Learning for Visually Impaired People [start: 2011]

A System Approach to Adaptive Multi-modal Sensor Designs [start: 2008]

NSF Computing Research Infrastructure (CRI) Program: Center of Perceptual Robotics, Intelligent Sensors and Machines (PRISM) [start: 2006]

CB3M: Content-Based 3D Mosaics with Dynamic Pushbroom Stereo [start: 2005]

Cooperative Wall-climbing Robots for Surveillance and Target Tracking [start: 2004]

Single-Array Multimodal Sensing with Hyperspctral, Polarization and High Accurate 3D Measurements [start: 2004]

Gamma/X-Ray Linear Pushbroom Stereo for 3D Cargo Inspection [start: 2004]

Remote Hearing: Multimodal Human Signature Detection via PTZ, IR and LDV Sensors [start: 2003]

Past Research Projects

IEEE/NSF Workshop on Multimodal and Alternative Perception for Visually Impaired People (MAP4VIP) [end: 2014]

I-Corps:Transforming 2D Video into an Interactive 3D Viewing Experience [end: 2013]

Virtualized Classroom – the Next Generation e-Learning System [end: 2004]

2D Parallel Mosaics for Under-Vehicle Inspection [end: 2002]

High Accuracy On-line Measurement System of Important Parts [end: 2004]

Panoramic Virtual Stereo and Human Tracking in a Smart Room [end: 2002]

Geo-Registered Mosaicing and Stereo Mosaicing for Environmental Monitoring [end: 2001]

PRISM: Parallel Ray Interpolation for Stereo Mosaicing [end: 2001]

LAMP: 3D Layered, Adaptive-resolution and Multi-perspective Panorama [end: 2001]

Video Stabilization: Camera Stabilization Based on 2.5D Motion Estimation and Inertial Motion Filtering [end: 2000]

POST: Visual Navigation by Integrating Panoramic Vision, Omnidirectional Vision and STereo Vision [end: 2000]

VISATRAM: A Vision System for Automatic Traffic Monitoring [end: 2000]

Localization and Recognition of Characters and Numbers on Moving Freight Trains [end: 1998]