Personal Info

Wei Li is a Ph.D student at CUNY City College. He is advised by Prof. Zhigang Zhu. His research topic includes computer vision, deep learning, human compueter interaction and assistive techology for visually impaired people.

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Addr: NAC 8/210, Convent Ave 160, New York


Will join Amazon AWS Computer Vision Research team, enjoy the days lefted at school...

One paper is accepted to FG 2017, see you in DC, May 29th.

Attend CVPR 2016 at Las Vegas, knew many new friends, also won money!!!

Will give a talk at Yahoo Research New York on Emotion recognition and Data Collection at Feb 11th.

Work as an intern for SRI International (2015 Dec --> 2016 Mar) on Assistive Driving projects.

A paper is accepted by ICMI 2015 , See you Seattle ^-^

REM Summer mentor(July,15 to August, 15)

  • To help visually impaired people able to recognize others' emotions in their daily life, we developed a realtime app on android, check it out at google play store by scanning the bar code.
  • A web page is also developed, you can upload your image to test how it works at emotest.

Participate in the EmotiW challenge 2015

  • We are 4th/75 groups, cheers!

A paper published at MVA conference

Attend CVPR 2015 at Boston.


Facial evaluation for helping ASD(Autism Spectrum Disordered)

  • By using CNN and MKL based approach, extract feature from wild image and video, use the feature to analyze whether ASD people are reacting in a right pattern. The project is under construction.

Emotion Games

  • This is a game different with most of the games you saw. You control it just using your face. Match the icon shown up and you get points. try out the general version at here. or register to play a customized version at here.

Facial reading for Visually Impaired People

  • Using smart Phones as 'eyes' for visually impaired people to 'see' people around, knowing 'who' and 'how' are they looking? CNN based deep learning is employed to do the face recognition and expression recognition.

Deep Learning in expression recognition at IBM China Research Lab

  • Collecting more than 10k image data from online and using CAFFE train the expression Deep learning model. Comparing with the state of the art work based on SVM in both CK+ and our own dataset. Results show our approach have robust performance.



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