Single-Array Multimodal Sensing with Hyperspctral, Polarization and High Accurate 3D Measurements

Project Status: Active (Started: 2004)

Research Description

We presented a novel single-array multimodal sensor that can obtain three-dimensional (3D), hyperspectral, and complete Stokes polarization images of targets from the same viewpoint. The sensor integrates the following components: high accurate 3D measurements via a projection grating phase method; hyperspectral acquisition with the use of an Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter; and complete Stokes polarization acquisition based on Liquid Crystal Variable Retarder. All of the three components share the same set of optical system and the measurements are imaged on a single focal plane array. This design also features adaptive data collection in hyperspectral, polarization and 3D measurements. The precise co-alignment design avoids the problem of multimodal registration and the multimodal adaptive sensing improves the data acquisition efficiency, therefore improves the overall accuracy and efficiency of target detection and recognition.


China National Science Foundation, Study on key techniques of integrated detection for full-optics parameters, 1/2007-12/2009, Co-PI: Yufu Qu